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5 Unexpected Ways to Sharpen Your Focus and Boost Your Daily Productivity5 Unexpected Ways to Sharpen Your Focus and Boost Your Daily Productivity

Productivity is important whether it is personal or career, so if there are ways to sharpen your focus and boost productivity, it is best to utilize them to your advantage. We all want to be as successful as we can in every area of our lives, so take some time to sharpen your focus, set your priorities, and boost your daily productivity with these 5 tips.

1. Make a “Not-To-Do” List

What are you doing that steals your time and energy that you don’t really need to be doing? Much of the time we waste precious time doing things that do not add to our daily productivity, which can be reversed with a “not-to-do” list. Sit down and make a list of the things you commit to stopping momentarily or forever. Perhaps you text people during your work day and it steals your work time. Or maybe you spend four hours each evening watching television or on the internet. Do you waste time striking up conversations with co-workers at work and then find yourself not having enough time to finish your tasks? How about daydreaming? Procrastinating? Getting off track? Make that list and put it somewhere that you see daily to serve as a reminder to stop doing time-wasting activities.

2. Adopt a relaxation technique

Ever wanted to try yoga? Meditation? Expert’s state that those who regularly engage in some sort of stress relieving exercise tend to be more focused and productive. It is not only good for your body, but when you engage in such techniques, your mind tends to relax and the incessant thoughts that sometimes drive you crazy decrease. Clarity of mind is important when it comes to daily focus and productivity, so give meditation, deep breathing exercises, or yoga a try.

3. Limit social networking sites

Let’s face it: Facebook is a time killer. You might not realize how much time you are spending socializing on Facebook when you are supposed to be focused on work. Sure, you can utilize social networking for your career during work hours, but do your best to limit socializing until you are off of work.

4. Create a dream board

You’ve probably heard of the law of attraction enthusiasts talking about manifesting their dreams and they are certainly onto something. One unexpected way you can sharpen your focus on your goals is to create a dream board full of your desires and goals. To do this, simply get a poster board and cut out pictures of the things you want. Do you want a promotion? Tape a picture of someone doing the job you want. Do you want a new job? Do the same thing. Want to learn a new language so you can be available to more clients? Want to travel more? Create a dream board and look at it daily to sharpen your focus.

5. Use a timer

Have you ever started a task that you thought you could finish in 30 minutes but one hour later you are still working on it? This could be due to your getting off track with unnecessary tasks. You lost focus. By using a timer you are more apt to stay on task. If you feel that 15 minutes per day is enough time to address your email, set your timer and be done in 15 minutes. If you commit to a 20 minute lunch per day, set your timer and then get back to work. The key is to make good use of your time and eliminate time wasters.
There are plenty of ways you can sharpen your focus and boost your productivity. Those that are highly productive have learned some valuable keys and utilize them daily. Be consistent and do what works for you each day.

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