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Operation Self Reset Episode 42: Your Conscious Evolution with Noah Hammond


In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Noah Hammond.


Noah is a self-help guru and he hopes to transform the world. Noah began his own self-transformation in the hopes of becoming a ladies man and having the confidence to attract women. But along the way, Noah found results that he hadn’t expected in the rest of his life.


Noah created a whole new persona online to teach other men how to attract women. Deciding to take a different approach than other dating gurus, his advice was never about “say this to make a woman go crazy for you,” instead it was focused on personality and behavior. He wanted to teach men how to bring out the best in themselves and have the confidence that attracts women. Eventually, Noah retired the other persona and began working under his own name to help people find their own confidence to make their lives better.


So how do we find the confidence we need in our lives? Noah believes that we all have confidence, but it’s our own thoughts and behaviors that hide it. We need to learn to work past our doubts to bring out that confidence inside us. One way to do this, Noah tells us, is to use affirmations. Whether you write them on your bathroom mirror or just say them out loud to yourself, find ways to boost your confidence through positive affirmations. It’s amazing how telling yourself that you are confident can boost your actual confidence. You have more confidence inside you than you may think. Find ways to unleash it and reach for the life you want.


Featured Quote of the Day

“When we look for the good in others, we discover the best in ourselves.” - By Martin Walsh, sent in by Ronald McDonald


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Here’s what Jake and Noah talked about in this episode:

  • Self love and self worth
  • What confidence is
  • Emotion = “E”nergy in “motion”
  • Changing the habit to move from bad to good
  • The importance of personal reflection


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You are the only one like you that has ever existed and ever will exist. The confidence and guidance you need to succeed in life can only be found inside you. Listen to that voice inside yourself to know what steps to take in your life.

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