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meetup tips In this episode we will talk about:

People are connecting all around you.  Are you tired feeling like you are on the outside? Do you want in?

I will share my story. When I was twenty-two years old, I went to an invention and business start-up meeting.  I walked into the meeting with nothing; and left with a story, a connection, and “almost” a job after only speaking for thirty seconds.

I will share my seven meetup tips you can use to get yourself into meeting with others, to propel your life, job, or passion forward.

In this session you’ll discover:

-How I met Roy Reiman who  is best known for his country style magazines, books, and other home products. Mr. Reiman built one of the country’s largest private subscription-based publishing companies. It was once reported that one out of every eight households in the United States subscribed to a Reiman magazine.

Seven tips you can use to start meeting people you never knew were out there.

  1. Keep your ears open.
  2. Get out of your normal routine and explore.
  3. Have a positive mindset and transform your personality if necessary.
  4. Now is the time to walk on in.
  5. Meet some cool people.
  6. Connect with your top five.
  7. Repeat the process.

How to find a local meet-up in your area —




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[spoiler]This is the Operation Self Reset podcast with Jake Nawrocki. Now it’s time to reset your life. Where did I put that button?

Hey guys, and welcome back to another episode of Operation Self Reset. This is podcast number four, and I want to say thank you guys so much for listening to this stuff. I mean, I’m looking at the world map of all the locations you guys have been downloading this podcast, and we have people from Australia, China, India, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain listening to this podcast! And that is unbelievable to me. I mean, this is so cool. Hopefully I’m providing some great value to these guys, and if I am, please go to iTunes and leave a review for me. Also, too, go to Operation Self Reset, and if you guys have a question or concern, talk to me. Let’s chit-chat. I want to get to know you. You can get to know me, and we will just have a good time on this podcast because this is unbelievable, man. I’m having a blast, and I hope you guys are too.

So today, we’re gonna be doing something a little different with the podcast. We’re actually gonna break this podcast into two individual podcasts. You’re listening to podcast number four right now, and we’re gonna have a follow up with podcast number five, and I will tell you guys the reason in a minute. First, I want to tell you guys about the company that we’re gonna be talking about today in podcast number four and podcast number five. So this is kind of like a little riddle, alright? So here’s the riddle: if you don’t catch it, it will run down your arm. What am I talking about? Five seconds. Four, three, two, one—[buzzer sound 01:36]. You got it wrong. Geez, come one, I thought that was pretty easy. Today, we’re talking about ice cream. Yes, good, old fashioned, delicious, not so much nutritious only if you’re lacking calcium because there’s a lot of that in ice cream. But I want to talk to you guys specifically about a company called Blue Sky Creamery. They’re founded in Iowa—Des Moines, Iowa. And it’s a new process of creating super silky-smooth ice cream and how do they do that? They use nitrogen to flash freeze the cream. They kind of have the cream shoot this through the strainer that puts it in really, really, super small droplets and then they use the nitrogen to flash freeze it to create a very smooth, very silky tasting ice cream. And I have tried it and it’s really, really good.

So in today’s podcast we’re gonna kind of break it into two parts. The first is the journey on how I met the founders of Blue Sky Creamery, the events leading up to it. It’s actually a pretty funny story, so stay tuned. I know you guys aren’t going anywhere. At the end of my little story here, I want to share with you guys seven tips that you can use to put yourself out there. To let yourself meet other individuals that are more successful than yourself, more inspiring, people that are interested in wanting to help you achieve your goals. Even if you’re not here to achieve your goals or find your passion or to get a new job or anything like that, but even to interact with other individuals that are possibly in the same hobbies as you are, you just have the same interests, or if you just want to get on out and meet other people instead of your normal group of friends that you’re usually hanging around with. So let’s get started with the story.

So it all began when I was sitting in class at college, and of course I was daydreaming. But my teacher would always go over the daily newspaper, and she would open it up and talk about news articles related to school or related to events going on around the city, whatnot. So one day she opens it up and she starts reading, and she finds a little article in the lower corner that states “Invention and Business Startup Meeting.” And she described the location, the time, and everything like that. And I thought, “Oh my gosh, that would be awesome.” At the time I was 22 years old and even then I was into inventions and kind of businesses and how they got started and the history behind them, so I thought, “You know what? That would be actually a pretty cool meet up. I should probably go to this thing.” So I decided to go and before even going I was nervous because this was really my first, I guess, meeting outside of the norm. Of course, I had to go to classes and events that deal with school, but there was never a real time when I ventured out on my own to kind of focus on my own personal passion. So I thought, “Okay. Alright, so it’s gonna be a little weird, but I’ll get through this and it’ll be actually really interesting possibly.”

So I go to this facility where the meeting is held at and I start walking up to the door and I realize that it’s actually a very older crowd. Nothing wrong with the older generation, but I wasn’t expecting that considering my teacher told us about this article in class. So I was kind of just expecting it to be all college kids, but of course, it was in the newspaper and who reads the newspaper? The older generation. Hmm. So I walk into this room and it’s a huge ballroom and it’s in a horseshoe shape and it’s packed to the gills full of people talking and mingling and stuff like that. So I grab a chair and I’m kind of on an aisle just in case I want to dodge out and get out early because this might not be for me. So they start the meeting, and the gentleman at the front of the room is this old, kind of wise man. He had the long beard and he had these glasses and he stands there in front of the room and he says, “Well, good evening, everybody. Today, we have a lot of inventors in here. Let’s hear the inventors.” And there’re people clapping. “Yeah, I’m an inventor! Whoo!” “Okay. Very good. Now let’s hear the people with the business ideas.” And then everybody yells, “Yeah, I’m the business man too!” I’m thinking, “What kind of meeting is this? This is crazy! All these older people are getting all jacked up about this stuff.”

So after everybody kind of calms down and the room quiets, the old man starts pointing to the gentleman to his left and he says, “Alright, stand on up and talk about your invention or your business plan and we’ll go around the room.” And I’m thinking, “Go around the room?” So I’m sitting there going, “Oh my god, so I have to stand up in front of people and talk about my idea? I don’t even have an idea. I don’t have a business plan. I’ve got nothing.” Well, lucky for me there were about 55 people in front of me, so I was scanning my brain. I’m thinking, I’m thinking, I’m thinking. And so I think, “Okay. Well, what do I really love?” And at that time I really loved gelato ice cream. I don’t know if you guys know what gelato ice cream is, but it’s Italian ice cream that is really popular in Europe and the reason why I was really hooked on it is a couple years prior I was lucky enough, fortunate enough, to go to Europe with my family and I experienced gelato ice cream and I fell in love. And of course I came back to the States here, and especially in the Midwest there weren’t really any good, just delicious gelato places. So I think, “Okay.” So as I’m sitting there, I’m thinking to myself, “Okay, I love gelato ice cream. I want to create a gelato stand here in the Milwaukee area. Perfect.” Okay, so the 55 people go up. Fifty-six, my number. I pop on up. I stand up and I start talking about ice cream. I’m talking about like, “Yeah, who loves ice cream?” And people are raising their hand, “I love ice cream too!” I’m talking about gelato and why it tastes so good and all this stuff and I actually had this enthusiasm that was just radiating. I was just really in my element for some odd reason.

So I sat down and the other 55, 100 people went, and I thought, “Okay.” And they said, “Okay.” And the old wise man in the front of the room again said, “Oh, very good everybody. Very good. We have quite the crowd today. Now we’re gonna take about a 5-10 minute break.” Well, what happens when there’s a break? Well, obviously, everybody starts mingling. Everybody starts making connections because that’s what it’s about. Everybody’s there for the meet up: the connection making. If you had a business idea, you hook up with the business people. Inventions with invention people and things like that. So I’m thinking, “Oh my gosh, I have to go interact with these people?” What’s the first thing you do when you are in that type of situation and you feel awkward and you don’t know anybody else in the room? Yes, you go to the bathroom. That’s exactly what I did. I went to the bathroom. I didn’t even have to go to the bathroom, but I just figured I had to go move somewhere because I just felt really awkward in this whole setting and so I go to the bathroom and of course I didn’t have to go so I stood in there for like two minutes. And I remember looking in the mirror and I said, “I have to go talk to one person at this meeting. After I talk to this one person I’m gonna get the heck out of dodge and I’ll call it a day and I tried and whatever.” So I walk back out there to kind of like where my area was and there’s this woman that walks up to me and she goes, “Are you the gentleman that talked about ice cream?” And I said, “Yeah, I am actually.” She said, “I want to introduce you to this guy.” So I meet with this gentleman and he and I hit it off. We’re talking about all different types of ice cream. We’re talking about our favorite flavors. We’re talking about should nuts go in ice cream? Should fudge go in ice cream or should it just be plain ice cream? All this stuff about ice cream. So he brings up about how he ran into these two founders in Iowa that made this new type of ice cream, a.k.a. Blue Sky Creamery, and he told me about it and he was asking if I would be interested in taking a look at that company and possibly running a franchise if he was to bring it up here in the Milwaukee area. And I said, “Yeah, sure, of course.” I mean, a really nice guy. We had a good conversation. We exchanged emails.

So the next day I get an email from him asking for my private address and just general questions about myself to see if this would be a good fit. Well, sure enough, I give him my address and the next day I receive a book—next day shipping—about him. And I’m thinking, “Who the heck is this guy?” So I tell my dad about it, and sure enough his name is Roy Reiman. He started Reiman [Publications 09:17] which is credited with building the country’s largest private subscription-based publishing company. His magazines were more country-based, but put it this way, he was so big, one of his magazines—he owned numerous types of magazines—one of his magazines was in every eight households in America. I mean, good Lord, that is a lot of magazines. That’s a lot of subscribers. So this guy is really, really huge. So after finding that, I’m thinking, “Oh my gosh, I really got to make sure I don’t screw this up, right? This guy is big time.” So I was thinking, “Maybe this could be my mentor. Maybe this could be a long-term kind of thing.”

So he and I continued to talk, and he says, “Alright, how about if I send you down to Iowa and you can check out the company. You can talk to the founders and see if this is a good fit, and we’ll kind of go from there.” A couple of days later, he gives me the low-down with all the information. He says, “Alright, I’m gonna provide you with some money for gas, getting down there. But there’s one thing that I need you to do. I need you to pick up one of my old publishers and take him down to Iowa with you.” And I’m thinking, “Wait, wait, wait. There’re two of us.” So he starts going into this spiel about, “You know what? If I bring up this franchise there’s gonna be two managers: you and possibly this other guy. And it would be good for you guys to meet up and talk down there and you guys could have a friend in the car with you.” And I’m thinking, “Oh, boy. This could turn out to be a disaster.” So of course I’m gonna say, “Yeah, I can’t wait. I’m super excited.” But inside, I’m thinking, “Oh my god, what if this guy’s like a creeper? What if this guy’s like super weird? And now I have to drive five and a half hours with this guy? What if he smells? What if he’s farting the whole time? Do I leave the window open or do I just ignore it?” All these things were going through my brain.

So sure enough, I go to the park and ride and I meet this guy, and actually he turns out to be really cool. He and I start talking and he’s telling me about all the friends that he has in the NFL, the National Football League. And he starts talking about how he was in a movie called Major League, and he and I hit it off. He was about 42 years old and I was 22 at the time, and we just had a blast. We had a good car ride. He did not fart, if you guys were wondering about that. And we just had a good old time, hung out and enjoyed the ride down there. We made it down to Iowa and we just had a blast. We had a good time meeting with the founders and just enjoyed Blue Sky Creamery for what it was. But the reason why I wanted to tell you guys that story, not because I want to puff my chest out and say, “Hey, I have all these connections. Look at me, I’m the cool dude.” No, I’m trying to tell you guys about putting yourself out there and getting in front of other individuals.

Now we get so used to being in front of our computer screen, in front of our phone that we kind of lose that interaction with one another, face to face, the good old fashioned handshakes, the good old fashioned just meeting up, being in an environment where there’s like-minded individuals and just having fun. Now do you think I would meet Mr. Reiman, the guy who launched the biggest subscription company in the nation, on a chat room or in a forum? And do you think if I did meet him in a forum or in a chat room online, would he allow me or give me the opportunity to drive down to Iowa to see if I would be a proper fit for the new franchise that he wanted to bring here in Milwaukee? Of course not! I mean, seriously, if you think about it. I stood up at that meeting, and I proclaimed my love for gelato ice cream. I stood up there, and I was so thrilled. I was excited. I was asking the other people in the room do they like ice cream and I was just really passionate and I was really myself. I was in my own personal element, and he only heard me talk for maybe 30-45 seconds. And he knew at that moment that I was the right guy for the job. That is why we—you and I—need to continue or start going to these meet ups, putting ourselves out there and meeting other individuals. There’s no way I would meet this guy otherwise, right? And the same with you. There’ve probably been situations in your own life that you have encountered great individuals that there would be just no way that you would be able to meet them otherwise.

I want to share with you guys seven ways to find a group that you’re interested in. it could be for your passion. It could be just for a hobby or it could be just to get yourself out there and to kind of break out of your shell, to separate yourself from your friends. There’re a lot of people out there that actually hate their group of friends, and they want to kind of explore other options but they don’t know where to go. They go online, but there’re no real opportunities there. Where can you search to find like-minded individuals like yourself and chit-chat and talk in person with these people? So I want to share seven tips.

So tip number one: keep your ears open. Hear what other people are talking about, if they’re reading about it or they’re texting or whatever. There are so many ideas that come into your life; you just need to be open to them. A lot of times you hear it but you just think, “I’m not interested in that” or “I’m not gonna go to that.” To give you some other resources that you guys can find meet ups in your local area I’m gonna give you a couple resources that you can go and search online and see if they’re good fits for you. The first one is Meetup.com. That’s a great website. You can go on there. You can look at a calendar, and every day of the week they show your local area. You type in your zip code and it shows you what events are going on, from meditation to building Legos. I don’t know. There’s everything in between, and the cool thing is all these resources are free. So the second free resource that I want to share with you guys is Eventbrite.com. It’s kind of the same thing as Meetup, but this is more if you’re invited to something. Now you can view events that are going on around you, but you might need an invitation to attend but that doesn’t mean that you can’t show on up and walk on in and just ask, “Hey, I saw this online. Would it be okay if I just sit on in, if I just kind of stay in the back or something like that?” The next ones are kind of obvious: Yahoo! Answers, Facebook, Google+. Kind of all the social networks. Twitter. Just ask. Ask people out there. Ask people in your networks.

So after we’ve found our first event that we want to go and attend, the second step is getting out of the normal routine and exploring. You need to step out of the box and maybe step into another unknown box and after you find that group or event, it’s time to go. It’s time to actually put on your clothes and say, “You know what? Tonight at 6 pm that meet up’s going on. I’m gonna venture out.” Now, obviously, this is easier said than done, right? Because when you come home from work, you might have a bad day. You might have the feelings of, “I don’t want to do this. I’m not interested anymore” and all that kind of stuff. You need to think back to when you had the motivation to research these meet ups. You have to remember the moments that exactly led up to the time that you wanted to pursue this. Close your eyes, remember that moment. Remember what you were eating or drinking or thinking about. Was it because you wanted to just interact with other people? Was it because you wanted to find your passion or was it because this hobby is so near and dear to your heart that you just want to talk to other people about it besides just researching and talking on forums? No matter what it is you just need to go. Stop making the excuse. Stop stalling and just do it! You know what? The people out there want to interact with you. You have great things to bring to the table. Go and share them.

So that leads us into step three: have a positive mindset and transform your personality. You’ve got to take a deep breath and look in the mirror and tell yourself, “You are here to explore and meet new people.” So you already got past the hurdle of the excuses and all the BS. So you put on your clothes, you jump in your car, and now you are there at the facility. And a lot of times, people get to these events and they decide to leave. They say, “Ah, it’s not for me.” They realize the people that are walking in are maybe in suits and you’re wearing khakis. And you think, “I’m not even wearing my suit. I should go back home.” No! Forget that. Now it’s time to get in there and show what you’ve got.

No one knows who you are. The chances of you seeing or meeting one of your friends, coworkers, or even your mom at one of these events are literally one in a million. You’re better off winning the lottery. But you can literally create a brand new you. If you are a quiet, reserved individual, become an outgoing individual. You can kind of reset your personality. Isn’t that cool? I mean if you really think about it we kind of get trapped into our general routine of who we are. If you’re the normal guy that talks in a monotone voice and just does his work and you’re sick and tired of that but people keep treating you that way, this is your time to break out of your shell; this is your time to just say, “You know what? I’m gonna be that outgoing, fun individual. I’m gonna go in there smiling from ear-to-ear, and I’m gonna bring so much positive energy to this meeting people are gonna fall in love with me and they’re gonna want to hang out with me.”

Step four is set goals and know the personality that you want to be. Don’t go in there with a double personality. And one minute you say, “Hey, I’m Jake! So nice to meet you! Man, this is so cool! You’re so awesome! Did I tell you I love that tie? I love that tie! I want to have one of those ties!” And then the next person you meet you say, “Yeah, you know, it’s nice here. It’s nice here.” People will think, “Dude, is that guy on drugs?” They’ll be questioning who you are, if this guy’s really weird or is he outgoing, is he quiet? Just make sure that you’re going in there with a game plan, that you’re understanding that today I’m going to go in there and I’m gonna make sure I focus on eye contact cause that’s one thing I’m really bad at. I’m going to go in there and shake their hand, and I’m gonna stare at them. Not in a weird way, again, because you just don’t want to stare through their eyeballs into their skull like, “I’m here to meet you. I have to continue to stare at you and not blink.” Cause then they’ll walk away and go, “Dude, that guy is so weird. Don’t talk to that guy.” You don’t want that to happen. So going off of goal setting then, the goals that you need to go into with any type of event I personally believe in is that you have to go in there and meet ten people. Now why ten? Because usually these meet ups are between 15 and 25 people. So there’s a good group. Obviously some of them are smaller and maybe the meet up is only ten people. Well, then you obviously will have the opportunity to meet all of those people.

Before I start giving you guys some information about meeting actual people I want to continue to talk about some things before you go on in and start interacting with others. Bring your phone but make sure you put it on silent. Don’t use your phone as a crutch. Use your phone for contacts and making connections with one another but don’t be using it as, “Oh, it’s kind of awkward and I feel like nobody’s talking to me, so I’m gonna go on my phone” and actually you’re searching Amazon Deals or something. I mean, come one. It’s time to grow up. Put that thing away and interact with other people. That’s why you’re there. You’re there to talk, not to text.

So let’s move on to step five which is meeting the ten cool people at this meet up, right? So you’re gonna want to approach others. Don’t wait for them to approach you. If you feel weird and you really don’t know what to say, this is my introduction that I use over and over and it works 100% of the time, every time. Basically you just extend your hand and say, “Hi, I’m Jake, and this is my first time to this meet up. Do we need to sign in or do we wait for somebody to start this meeting?” If you ask a direct question, no matter if they’re preoccupied or if they don’t look interested in you, they will answer. That’s human nature. When you are asked a question, you respond. So it’s a good way to kind of break the ice and then from there you can just ask other questions: “Is this your first time here? Is it always at this location?” Just think of relevant questions to the situation. These might seem really obvious to you, but there are so many times people come up to me and ask, “How do you get out there? How do you introduce yourself?” And the simple things that, honestly, you think are really obvious aren’t so obvious. So if you have your signature way to introduce yourself to people, go for it. That’s what you’re conformable with. By no means am I saying you need to change up your style or anything like that. But if you feel weird and you walk into a room and you see everybody else mingling with one another, you need to approach somebody because you will feel silly, you’ll feel stupid, and you’ll feel just darn awkward. So the key is not to do that. The key is to mingle with somebody so you’re not that guy standing there by yourself twiddling your thumbs. If you see somebody else coming, walking through the door with you, introduce yourself as you’re walking in. Obviously you’re both walking to the same place, so might as well start the connection there and then when you walk on in you look like a natural. You look like a pro. They’ll see two guys walking in, two girls walking in, whatever it may be, and they’re already talking. They’ll think, “Oh, wow, this guy has been around before” or whatever. It’s a natural reaction to interact with one another especially with direct questions. The key is direct questions will solve any awkward situation.

So let’s get back to the goal setting. Okay? So we’re gonna meet ten people, right? You’re gonna introduce yourself. You’re gonna chit-chat for a while. After you meet those ten people, you’re gonna think to yourself, “Okay, who are the five out of that ten that I want to connect with? Who are those people that I want to possibly grab lunch, grab coffee, talk on the phone, or just email back and forth? Who are those people that you really think, “Hmm, that seems like a really cool guy or a really cool girl I want to meet with”? So you’re gonna go back to those top five people, and you’re gonna exchange contact information. The key is not to give out yours because the chances of them contacting you back are slim to none. The key is to get their contact information, their email address and their phone number and of course their name because without the name you’re gonna be just sending emails to Unknown or To Whom It May Concern. And that’s not really going to be feeling friendly now, is it?

You actually might come across people that just go, “No, you know what? I’d rather not.” And that’s okay. That’s why you have five people that you want to get contact information from. You don’t have to get exactly five. The key is to just narrow it down to people that you would like to possibly grab lunch with, right? So think of these people as, “Man, this guy is pretty cool. He could be possibly a friend, so we’ll see what happens from there.” Grab their information and go from there. If you’re having trouble reconnecting with those five people. Say it’s getting really crowded and stuff like that and the guy that you want to talk to or exchange information is already in a conversation. That’s when you step on in and say, “Excuse me, can I talk to you for one second? I’m so sorry, but I have to get going. I was seeing if I could get your email or phone number. I would like to get in contact with you. I have a couple of questions. I know you’re busy now and we’ll talk later.” And that guy or girl is gonna say, “Yeah, sure. Here it is. Blah, blah, blah. Blah, blah, blah.”

So that brings us up to step number six: connect with those top five people that you have the information from. It might not be five. It might be four, three, two, or whatever. But the thing is is that you need to send an email or a phone message to them the next day. Now, again, this might seem really obvious but so many times people get this wrong, okay? Especially that are not in the business world. You need to tell them and provide in the message or the email your name, where you met them, the reason why you’re reaching out to them, and make sure that reason is a question so then they have to respond. The whole idea here is to make sure that they will do their human due diligence and interact with you. If you just say, “Hey, it was really nice meeting you, man. You’re a cool dude” and you sign your name. Well, obviously, they’re not gonna respond to you. Say you met a baker, a guy that makes phenomenal bread and you’re at a food meeting or something, you’re gonna ask him, “Hey, I’m having issues with bread. What type of yeast do you use?” Or “What is the exact temperature you set your oven at?” Those are direct questions and they will have to get back to you.

So after you ask them the direct question, you need to end the email with some type of action, some type of meet up. If you want to grab lunch or coffee with them, you have to make sure you provide three days you are available if you really want to meet up with this guy or girl. So say if it’s the beginning of the week, say the meeting was on Monday night, so you’re gonna provide two days later on in that first week. The third day that you’re available will be into the following week. Then, that gives them the option to look at their schedule and go, “Okay, well, the first day, on Wednesday he wants to meet up. That’s not gonna work. And then he wants to meet up again on Friday. Possibly.” And then he looks into his calendar next week and goes, “Whoa, that’s way too packed.” So then he’s gonna be really kind of thinking when’s the best time to meet up with you and then he might send back to you, “You know what? This week doesn’t work. How about Saturday morning are you available?” And then that’s when you jump on and go, “Yeah, of course.” So with that whole email thing I kind of gave you the best case scenario. Chances of all five of your connections that you met getting back to you are gonna be slim-to-none. You’re lucky if you have one or even two and that’s even pushing it who’ll respond back to you. But that’s fine. That’s okay. You really just want to meet up with these people and pick their brains, get their connections, and use them to your advantage, right? So if anybody gets back to you, you’ve got to be proactive and make sure you respond back to them. Don’t be lazy and prolong this whole situation.

That leads us back into our seventh step—the crème de la crème. And the last step is repeat the process. I know it’s so mind-boggling. How did I even think of that? Whoa! Yes, repeat the process! Do it again. The more you do it the better you’ll feel, the more comfortable you’ll feel. You’ll understand the goals that you have going into the place. Instead of meeting ten people, maybe you want to search out ten successful people. Ten people that have built that Harley like you. Ten people that have connections in the industry that you want. Ten people that are interested in the same ideas as you. You’re gonna refine and you’re gonna start to read and understand the people that are at these meet ups and you’re gonna get better at it. You’re gonna feel more comfortable. You’re gonna feel prepared. You’re gonna feel just in your element, and that’s a great feeling. I’ve been to so many meet ups. I’ve been to so many group meetings, and at first, of course, I felt awkward. You feel weird. You think, “I don’t even know if I fit here.” But, you know what? So does everybody else there! Again, chances of you meeting somebody that you know from back in the day are going to be slim-to-none. Like I stated before, you can either be yourself or be the person that you were meant to be. Be that outgoing guy or be the quiet one or whatever you want to be! This is your opportunity to reset your personality and to be your true self and just get out there and do it and meet and interact with people and start your connections. Because connections are the ones that will get you that job. The connections are the ones that will kind of motivate you and put you in a position to extend yourself and want and crave more in life and that is what it’s all about. It’s about resetting the person you are to the person you want to be.

So there you go. Seven steps. You know what? They might seem obvious. They might seem, “Oh my gosh, this guy. Geez, it’s so simple.” Yeah, it is so simple, but I have the question to you is do you go out there and do you go to these meet ups? Do you go on Meetup.com and search and every single month you try to go to one meet up? Chances are you don’t. Because I do. Every single month I go out there and I go to a meet up. Because it makes myself stronger. I interact with more people, and I get to meet some really outstanding individuals and like I said about this podcast, it’s about meeting the people. It’s about picking the brains. It doesn’t matter if you’re super successful or if you’re failure: you have a story to tell. You have so much great information that you have inside of yourself. Get out there! Do your thing and kill it. So there you go guys. I mean, that’s pretty much the moral of the story. Just get out there and do it. Like Nike says, “Just do it.”
So you guys can get all of the links, all of the information that I just spoke about in the seven tips that we just talked about in this last podcast number four at OperationSelfReset.com/podcast004/meetuptips. Again, OperationSelfReset.com/podcast004/meetuptips. So again, thank you guys so much for taking the time to listen. If you have some feedback for me, throw it online for me. Also, too, check me out on Twitter: OpSelfReset. And then also check out the YouTube channel. I’ve got some amazing videos coming out very shortly. So thank you guys. Take care and we’ll see you in episode number five which is the second part to this podcast miniseries. And just reminding you guys in part two of this miniseries we’re going to be interviewing Will Schroeder. He is the founder of Blue Sky Creamery. He has some very valuable information, some tips, motivation, and inspiration that we can use daily in our lives. So until then, reset yourself, reset your life, and change the person you are to that person that you want to be. We’ll see you soon.
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  1. bigdhandyman says:

    Awesome podcast, man! I really related to this one because I’m absolutely terrible at meeting new people. I want to meet them, but I’m too lazy to put in the work and actually go to these meetups.

    I just went to my first conference last month (IPL) and it was great. I met some really cool people (you may know them) and now I’m addicted! I seriously can’t wait for the next conference or meetup.

    One other thing that I think helps people step out of their “box” is to travel to another city in order to go to a meetup or conference. I’ve found that the further away from home I am the easier it is for me to put myself out there and act how I want to be seen.

    Thanks for the podcast and I think this was the best one yet!


  2. Michael. L. says:

    Thanks for this podcast. I have never really had the opportunity to go to an event like the one you described, but I guess I haven’t really been looking out for them. Since listening to this podcast, I will definitely be looking more at the ads in the newspaper. This is such a good way to meet people. I am an aspiring businessman myself and I have all these ideas just running around my head and after listening to you talk about your meeting with this guy it really hit home that I can do what I want with my ideas. I just need to believe in them more!

  3. Travis says:

    I just went to a conference and wish I had listened to this podcast. I met some great people, but it was more out of luck than anything else. These tips would have helped meet even more people. Keep cranking out these pods, they are great and immediately actionable!

    • OSR says:

      Thanks Travis! Yes this podcast will help you understand how meeting people face to face really makes great connections.

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    Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this
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