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Operation Self Reset Episode 34: Positive Thinking

In this episode of the Operation Self Reset podcast, Jake is talking with Aaron Kennard from Boulder, Colorado, from the website TrulyAmazingLife.com.

Aaron, a father of four, helps people live the lives they dream of. He was working full-time, but wasn’t being fulfilled by his work, so he spent his downtime focused on his family and his hobbies to find the happiness he wanted. A sore throat that wouldn’t go away led to him realizing that he was in charge of his life and his happiness. He did this by focusing on the things he was grateful for each day rather than the pain.

Aaron turned this experience with positive thinking into a poster he now calls “The 12 Pillars of a Truly Amazing Life.” He uses these pillars as a roadmap to finding the life you really want, and he began selling these posters to anyone who wanted one for their own inspiration.

After the birth of his fourth daughter, Aaron began experiencing the effects of an autoimmune disease. Rather than giving into the intense pain his body was going through, he was determined to turn this experience into a test of his belief in a truly amazing life. Holding onto this belief that things would turn out for the good, Aaron experienced moments of extreme joy and happiness even through the darkest times and the worst pain. He fought hard for the happy life he wanted and that he knew was possible. He then turned his pain and happiness into a book, The Positive Thinking Secret.

Through positive thinking, you can control how happy you can be in your life, despite the obstacles that might come up along your path. Aaron’s story reminds us that we can be happy and positive even during the lowest moments. Surround yourself by positivity and embrace the good to help you get through the bad.

Featured Quote of the Day

[quote]You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” Spoken by Joe Sabbath - Submitted by William of Brooklyn, NY.[/quote]

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Here’s what Jake and Aaron talked about in this episode:

• The 12 Pillars of a Truly Amazing Life
• “Why me?” versus “Thank you!”
• Positive thinking, and being happy with who you are
• Learning to talk to your true self in the mirror

Mentioned in This Episode

• Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. Get this audiobook for free at Audibletrial.com/osr!
The Positive Thinking Secret

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When we’re stuck in the low points of our lives, we can’t see the big picture of how things will turn out later. So take each bad moment in your life as an experience that will benefit you in some way and lead you to greater things down the road. What’s standing in your way from living your truly amazing life?


  1. Great to be on your show Jake! Thanks for having me. You’re a great host and you run a really cool podcast

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