Positive ThinkingPositive Thinking!

I was on Google and randomly came across Think Positive Apparel online.  I clicked on the website and I was amazed at not only the design but the idea of having positive thoughts incorporated onto shirts. Think Positive Apparel creates interactive designs built out of tiny, positive affirmations and philosophies. Each of the designs encourages people to know what’s possible and to watch their thoughts. Think Positive Apparel believes that attitude is everything and as such being aware of our attitudes is powerful.  When you look into a Think Positive Apparel design whatever words jump out at you become your superpowers (aka mantras) for the day. We encourage you to bring more mindfulness to whatever you read as you move through your day and see what happens!

As you may or may not know I am positive guy. I understand the power of positive thoughts, actions, and words. When I saw this company I knew I had to get them on the Operation Self Reset Podcast.

I sat down with Taylor to talk about his company and mindset, to find out why he started a clothing company. Taylor has a great story on how he became interested in thinking positive. What really started Taylor in that direction was a movie called “What the Bleep Do We Know?” I have not seen the whole movie but many of the listeners have heard of it before.

That movie sparked an idea. He decided to look into making positive clothing that you can wear. Since then Think Positive Apparel has been trying to spread the good word of staying positive and wearing positive words.

Taylor and I talk about big ideas related to becoming and staying positive.  He has one tip for people looking to make a difference when it comes to making a RESET on their own lives. Taylor suggest Zen meditation is a big component when it comes to transforming your life.

Zen meditation is used to quiet your mind. You can use this breathing technique to replace your internal negative chatter, fears, or anything holding you back. I have not tried this but Taylor suggests it to anyone who is part of the OSR community.

I understand the power of positivity. If you are able to have something that reminds you day in and out to continue to believe in yourself then you can truly become your personal best.

Think Positive Apparel has a 10% code for members of the Operation Self Reset Community. The coupon code is: SELF RESET. Put that code into the coupon area at checkout.



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