How to find Opportunities to become successful

How to Find Opportunities?


Opportunities are all around you. All you have to do is look for them, mold them, and take action on them.

The question I get asked all the time is, “How Can I Find Opportunities?”  Opportunities are nothing more than ideas that come into our lives. Opportunities present themselves in the shape of inventions, business ideas, cheaper or easier ways to complete a task, or just a new way to live your life.

No matter how many opportunities come into your life, the one question I have for you is: Do you take action on your opportunities?

Are you too busy, it’s tough, it costs money, you will have to stay up late, you might miss your TV show?  What excuse do you have for the opportunities that come into your life?

Q: Opportunities never fall into my lap like they do for successful people!

What kind of statement is that? Have you ever bought a new or used car that is white and all of a sudden you start noticing all the white cars that you pass on a daily basis? I know you have. The reason why you see more white cars is not because you are a trendsetter and everyone wants to be like you; it’s because you are aware of it.

The same applies to opportunities. They are all around you but you choose not to be aware of them.

For example…Have you ever been sitting watching TV and the next commercial that comes on is an infomercial demonstrating the same product you thought of two years ago? Chances are this has happened to you.

It’s not that your idea was bad or would not sell; it just shows that you decided not to take action on it.

Look at all the great world-changing things that were created: Henry Ford with the cheap automobile, Bill Gates with computer software, and the Wright brothers with flying. All three examples listed were opportunities that were presented to them. All they did was grab them, mold them, and take action on them. That is it. You can do the same.

Q: Opportunities are scary. There are more failed opportunities than successful ones, right?

You are correct. The Wright brothers did not fly on their first attempt, Bill Gates did not start with a billion-dollar company, and Mr. Ford did not make a profit until he sold 100 cars. But no matter what happened, they took action and kept on taking action until it started to work.

Success is not granted for the blessed, rich, people with connections. It does not matter your race, gender, religion, if you are smart, have graduated from college or not. Success is an outcome of a person taking action from an opportunity. That is it.

Your opportunities are waiting for you to take action.  Grab them, mold them, and take action.


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