Get Self Help: # GetSelfHelp

Get self-help. # GetSelfHellp

How do we get self-help? Sorry to burst your bubble but you cannot “get” self-help. You can only learn and understand it. Self-help is not something you can hold in your hand. It is not possible to grab and hold. The term self-help is described as “you are helping you.” That is all it really means.

I want to share with you three ways to learn and understand self-help.

1. Learn:

Getting self-help (getselfhelp) starts with learning what it means. With any sport, subject, hobbies, or trying something new for the first time you need to learn it. Learning is what we do as humans every single day. As you reflect on your day you may feel you have not learned anything, but actually you did. It might be a joke or a story from the radio channel you listened to on your way into work. Learning is built into our lives. You can learn self-help. The best ways to learn self-help are by reading, hearing, and seeing. You can read books, listen to books on tape or podcasts, and watch videos on YouTube. You need to learn self-help before you can understand it.

2. Understand:

You might think that understanding is the same as learning but it’s not. Understanding is the process of the way you absorb information sticking. During your school days the teacher taught a lesson about addition, for example. The teacher first wrote numbers one on top of one another on the blackboard. In that moment you learned that that is the proper way to add, but you may not have understood it. For you to understand the example, the teacher may have used pieces of fruit instead of numbers. Two bananas plus two oranges equals four pieces of fruit. See the difference? Learning is not the same as understanding. To understand self-help you need to break it down and change it so you can understand it. Just because you read a book on self-help does not mean you understand the lessons provided. Formulate your own way to understand your learning so you can remember it.

3. Teach:

The best way to learn and understand self-help is to teach it. Have you ever played a sport? If you have, you know that you need to fully know the sport before teaching it to others. You need to have the rules and fundamentals memorized before you feel comfortable telling others what you know. The same applies to self-help. If you want to learn and understand self-help the best way to have it really sink in is to teach it to others.

If you are able to learn, understand, and teach self-help only then are you able to get self-help. # GetSelfHelp

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